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Creating opportunities for a thriving society through the use of digital molecular technologies for scientific discovery and process development, supporting the transition of industry towards innovative, sustainable and resilient chemistry.

About iDMT

The mission of the Innovation Centre in Digital Molecular Technologies (iDMT) is to create opportunities for a thriving society through innovative sustainable and resilient chemistry.

The iDMT offers a platform for the rapid development and testing of new products and services for the emerging digital economy, specifically in the sectors of chemical synthesis of molecules and materials.

Business support from the iDMT includes access to lab space and a collaborative research environment; participation in joint development with leading researchers from academia and the pharmaceutical industry; and access to equipment, materials and computational resources.

Research Areas

The iDMT works with SMEs to help develop new products and services to serve the emerging digital chemistry market. The iDMT undertakes collaborative research projects in three key digital molecular technology areas:


Artificial intelligence in molecular technologies


Robotic equipment for chemical synthesis


Algorithms for digital process development

Research Areas

University of Cambridge

The University is one of the world’s oldest universities and leading academic centres, and a self-governed community of scholars. The University is a home of 20,000 students from all walks of life and all corners of the world, over 11,000 staff, 31 Colleges and 150 Departments, Faculties, Schools and other institutions.

Consortium Members

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iDMT Team

The iDMT team is composed of:

  • World leading experts from the University of Cambridge in fields including sustainable engineering, probabilistic machine learning and chemical synthesis.

  • Insights from industrial partners from global pharmaceutical companies.

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Project Manager

Dr Celeste van den Bosch

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Professor Matthew Gaunt

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Professor Alexei Lapkin

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