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The iDMT is a research hub and SME incubator, based at the University of Cambridge, that accelerates access to pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, functional molecules and molecular materials through machine learning and robotics-based synthesis.

iDMT Facilities

The iDMT hosts both experimental and computational facilities in newly renovated laboratory and office workspaces. For SME partners, iDMT covers agreed consumables budget, access to resources within iDMT and the time of iDMT staff. SMEs only cover the costs of their personnel, travel, exotic reagents and equipment they may wish to test.

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Triple Quad UPLC-MS

Provides accurate, analytical reaction date from a 1536 well plate synthesis platforms for systems that do not readily ionise.

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Liquid Handling Robot

Essential to establishing robotic work-flows in chemical synthesis. Enables large numbers of parallel experiments.

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Single Quad UPLC-MS

"Work horse" providing essential, accurate, analytical data from a 1536 well plate synthesis system in a holistic fashion.

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Flexible flow chemistry equipment to support continuous and batch mode robotic synthesis.


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SME Eligibility

  • SME: an entity engaged in an economic activity, fewer than 250 employees and an annual turnover not exceeding £42M (€50M).

  • Based in the United Kingdom.

  • Expected project duration from 1 day to 1 year.

We want to hear from you at any stage, from idea inception to market delivery of a new product or service! Contact the iDMT by sending an email or filling in our contact form.


SME Partners



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