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Lecture Series 2023/24

The Lecture Series is focused on dissemination of cutting-edge developments related to the many facets of chemistry digitalisation. Each hour-long session usually has two speakers, providing an engaging discussion from both an academic and industry perspective on a common theme.


Please note that all talks are in person only events unless otherwise stated. 


Tuesday 9th May 2024, Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry, Pfizer Lecture Theatre, 15:00 - 16:00



Full details to follow

Digital Twins

Tuesday 6th February 2024, Pfizer Lecture Theatre

"A dynamic knowledge graph approach to dynamic knowledge graph approach to distributed self-driving laboratories"

"Automated laboratory management, powered by The World Avatar™ ecosystem"

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240206 - iDMT Lecture Series - February 2024.png
Machine Learning

Tuesday 9th January 2024, Pfizer Lecture Theatre

"Calling up Gaussian processes with stochastic gradient descent"

"Deploying machine learning in chemical industry"

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240109 - iDMT Lecture Series Machine Learning - January 2024.png
Big data, data preparation

Tuesday 7th November 2023, Pfizer Lecture Theatre

"Exploring reaction data for machine learning"

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231107 - iDMT Seminar - Alexei Lapkin.png
Laboratory Automation

Tuesday 10th October 2023, Pfizer Lecture Theatre

"pHbot: Self-driven robot for pH adjustment of viscous formulations via physics-informed-ML"

"Modular automation of reactors"

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Academic Talk

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Industry Talk

231009 - iDMT Lecture Series - October 2023-2.png
Artificial intelligence and Automation in Chemical Kinetic Modeling

Tuesday 24th August 2023, Pfizer Lecture Theatre

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230824 - iDMT Seminar - Florence H. Vermeire - KU Leuven.png
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