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The iDMT places notifications for tender requests for goods and services on this page. Please see below for current requests.

External Consultant

Deadline: 24th January 2022 at 17:00 GMT

The external consultant will support the Executive Board by providing ongoing assessment of the alignment of the iDMT’s performance with output targets and programme priorities, advice on the working methods of the project and analysis of best practice and identification of any additional expertise. The external consultant is also expected to produce the final ERDF summative assessment report.


Please download the application packet (1.8 MB) which includes the External Consultant Brief, iDMT Project Information and selected ERDF documents (ESIF-GN-1-033ERDF, ESIF-GN-1-034 and ESIF Form 1-014).


Apply by submitting the requested application documents by email to with the subject line “iDMT External Consultant Application” before the close of the application period.

Multi-sensor Instrument

The tender comprises one system that is composed of:
- XYZ automated stage to host the microreactor,
- Hyperspectral camera and required auxiliaries,
- Raman spectrometer for single-point data acquisition,
- Fast imaging camera or provision of system extension for fast imaging camera, and
- Suitable computer system for data acquisition in this system.

Tender ref.: UCAM 21-028

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